About PopTeeVee

PopTeeVee (www.popteevee.net) is a web TV network that is part of the Popfolio Network, a PopDigital Company.

Our primary objective is to engage with young Malaysians to help create a far more democratic media space. Rather than being reduced to mere consumers, we’d like to see young Malaysians create their own media experience. We do this by collaborating with creative producers to develop individual shows. PopTeeVee provides the resources to create and distribute this programming. This separation between platform and creativity will hopefully help create a more engaging media experience.

PopTeeVee is the network carrying individual channels That Effing Show, Giler Selamba Jane, #TanyaYBeee as well as our archived program The Fairly Current Show. In addition, PopTeeVee also hosts original content developed by digital media agency The Greatest Hits.

About Popfolio Network

Popfolio is a digital media network. Our titles include: fashion portal Tongue in Chic, Poskod.MY, an online magazine about city, community, and culture in the Klang Valley; PopTeeVee, an online TV network consisting cult favourites That Effing Show, Giler Selamba Jane and #TanyaYB; movie website Uma & Joe at the Movies, urban Malaysian Mom portal MakChic, an instagram food review site, Omnomgnome and indie music site, The Wknd.

Popfolio conceptualises and produces original creative content in the form of podcasts, videos, websites and digital campaigns to help connect brands with their audience. We are a small, but dynamic team who believes in the freedom of expression and good content.

Some Information on Information

Information needs to be free, and information wants to be free.

Humanity for the longest time has had to grapple with the issue of inequality, but the underlining issue facing humanity in the current and future information economy is one of accessibility.

It can be argued that accessibility is a prerequisite to equality. We all consume information and through this process, new information is created. Some of it useful, some of it not quite.

This is the end of the era of the singular expert – gatekeepers of knowledge; and the dawn of the generalists. For the first time in human history, we literally have all the information we want at the tips of our fingers. Everybody knows something, and that something has value for someone.

The access to that information, however, is still handicapped by our media structure. Funny, how the promise of media hasn’t really come to pass! So, we need to start again, and this time we will shun media, and create wedia. Though we haven’t cracked the accessibility problem as yet, we are certainly working on it.

In the meantime, we’d like to facilitate the birth of information; Information that doesn’t flow top-down nor bottom-up, but sideways, peer to peer. We’d like to facilitate the creation and distribution of this information, but not control the information itself. We may or may not succeed, but we certainly can’t do any worse than mainstream media.

One final word on censorship.

Granted that managing information can be tricky and people abuse it all the time. Information is a tool and how people use such a tool is really a matter best left to our education system. The lack of an educated public cannot form the basis for controlling media. Media companies should strive to provide access to information in the most efficient way possible, without having to entertain censorship issues.